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Dawn of a new Era

The word ‘intellect’ has hereby undergone a revolutionary alteration. One must wonder as to how anything like this is possible! It seems ridiculously unattainable. How can every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ be at par with ‘Einstein’ ‘Newton’ or ‘Tennyson’. MIME ‘N’ M has attained what years of perseverance and genuine concern could not. The genius of Einstein which seemed Rocket Engineering until now has transformed into ‘fun and frolic’ with our course.

MIME ‘N’ M stands for Memoir Institute of Memory Enhancement and Mathematics with tide of time, scientists have discovered the amazing and immeasurable potential of the human brain. The brain which all of us are equally bestowed with, then how was Einstein or Newton any different from us? The curiosity to answer these questions were ubiquitous prior to the evolution of our course MIME ‘N’ M.

Former President Abdul Kalam has aspired ‘2020’ vision of India, whereby India is desired to be at the pinnacle of ‘Developed Nation’. Development can be channelized through Infrastructure Economy, Technology, Education, Equality, women empowerment and other aspects. MIME’N’M has resolved to contribute to this vision through ‘Education’. Education’ which is based on the latest scientific methods of learning and optimum utilization mental capacities without any strenuous efforts. It saves time from unnecessary cramming of elaborate books yet ensuring the deepest insight all the contents. Yes, every ‘Tom’, Dick and Harry can now hope to be ‘Einstein’, ‘Newton’ or ‘Tennyson’.

The pertinacious methods for translating education into enjoyment, learning into leisure, have been adopted our ‘Vedas’, particularly the Atharavaveda. These scientific methods of easy learning were highlighted by the renowned Indian mathematician Aryabhatta in his book Aryabhattam. Visualizing the ‘Dawn of new era’ in learning, I congratulate the readers for the golden opportunity that’s offered to them and I thank every individual who has been imperative in the development of this process.

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