Director S. P. Mehta

MEMOIR institute of memory enhancement and Mathematics (MIME N M) was established on October31, 2010. Everything around MIME N M echoes the vision of the founders and the process of change they initiated.

Ever since its inception, MIME N M has focused on developing creativeness, positive imagination, brilliance and excellence in today’s modern student. MIME N M has been making a significant contribution to modern methods of learning researches in a wide range of areas, which are relevant to today’s competitive students, teachers and are of concern for the society at large.

Over the last two years, MIME N M’s vision has been to excel in the field of today’s education. MIME N M is now recognized as one of the best and most respected institution in the field of memory enhancement and vedic mathematics. This can largely be attributed to the periodic redefining of its mission to align itself with the changing times, while maintaining focus on social responsiveness. Today, MIME N M occupies a key position in the country and appreciated by one and all. Recently the Institute has established the Centre for Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship to help innovators in successfully commercializing their innovations through an enterprise.

While we feel proud of our achievements, we are not contented. Our vision is to establish a top-ranking institute of Memory enhancement and vedic mathematics in the world. Our aim is to achieve global recognition as a leading player in the field of building career of the students in this competitive world. Our success in this endeavor has the potential of making India one of the most attractive destinations in the world for acquiring exact modern scientific methods of learning in any field.

MIME N M is inspired by the vision 2020 of our former president Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam that our country should be a super power and a developed country, to fulfill his dream being a true INDIAN we want to contribute our efforts in the field of education by empowering the inner powers of students and every individual.

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